General Information

Location: Neimënster Abbey, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg

Date: N.N. (September 13/14/15, 2017)

Time: N.N.


Workshop Goals

Nowadays, our daily life is hardly imaginable without using information and communication technologies (ICT) – both on the professional and the private side. However, such technologies consume a huge amount of energy and, thus, have a significant impact on the environmental footprint. Therefore, solutions to counteract the increasing energy consumption caused by ICT are required. On the other hand, the technologies can be used to support a more sustainable way of life.

We invite new researchers and PhD students, to share their current research or research proposals in the context of environmental and sustainability informatics with a community that always thrived on new ideas, concepts and research questions. The PhD workshop will focus on bringing PhD students from similar fields together and provide them with a platform where they can network, discuss approaches and challenges as well as present their current state of work. In addition, there will be opportunities to obtain feedback from the established research community.

The PhD Workshop is an opportunity for PhD students to

  • share and discuss approaches, challenges and open questions of their individual projects,
  • receive feedback, new ideas and fresh perspectives for their own work,
  • learn from and exchange with other researchers, working in the same research field,
  • obtain an overview of other research activities belonging to environmental informatics,
  • promote the development of a supportive community of PhD students and a spirit of collaborative research,
  • contribute to the conference goals through interaction with other researchers and conference events.

 Workshop topics

  • ICT for environmental protection, climate change and scarce resources,
  • ICT for ecological system modelling and simulation,
  • ICT for power grids / smart grids,
  • Environmental impacts of ICT,
  • Energy aware software development,
  • Energy informatics,
  • Green IT and Green by IT,
  • Green software engineering,
  • Resource and energy efficiency,
  • Sustainability dimensions and indicators,
  • Sustainability reporting,
  • Sustainable mobility,
  • Carbon footprinting tools and applications,
  • Environmental modelling, visualization, simulation and optimization,
  • Information modelling and interoperability for sustainability applications.


The participants of the workshops should be PhD candidates or those who are about to start their PhD studies. Depending on your aims considering the publication of your work, we invite you to send us your abstracts, full papers or posters according to the table below:






Submission deadline

Full paper

complete text for peer review, double-blind

Traditional session / 8-10 pages in a Springer book



Work in progress

Extended abstract

(1000 words) for peer review

ConverStations OR

Sessions / 4-8 page in a Shaker book


Short contribution


(500 words) for peer review

ConverStations OR

Sessions OR Discussions / 4-8 page in a Shaker book




Abstract (100-200 words sent to the organizers Session OR Discussion / Not Published 07/08/2017


Final version

for peer review

Poster session / Not Published


The PhD Workshop accepts further contribution types.

Note that PhD students may attend the EnviroInfo 2017 conference at a reduced fee. 



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