General Information

Location: Neimënster Abbey, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg

Date: September 14, 2017

Time: 10:45-17:30


    • Colin Pattinson, Leeds Beckett University
    • Anda Counotte, Open University of the Netherlands
    • Stefan Naumann, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
    • Benjamin Wagner-vom Berg, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven
    • Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hilty, University of Zürich

    Workshop Goals

    The coverage of Green IT in education (school, college and university) and in technical training is very mixed: apart from a small number of specialist courses, it may be found under topics such as ethics or social responsibility, which may not be providing appropriate coverage for students of this important topic.

    How should we include environmental and sustainability concerns in computer hardware and software design; in IT systems specification; in the maintenance and operation of IT systems? And how can IT help to make other fields greener (e.g. green logistics)?
    Should the coverage apply to all IT students? To all students? If so, how can it be presented?

    This workshop aims to share knowledge and practice, and we invite:

    • those colleagues who already do cover Green IT in their course to present their course structure
    • those colleagues who want to cover Green IT to discuss the ways they can do so
    • those who have an interest in getting the subject covered to make suggestions

    A report from the workshop will provide a review of the current state of Green IT Education and propose future directions and topics suggestions.

    The workshop will start with a short presentation by each of the organizers: what are the key subjects and frameworks on Green IT they use in their courses?


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