General Information

Location: Neimënster Abbey, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg

Date: September 14, 2017

Time: 10:45-15:40


  • Volker Wohlgemuth, HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences
  • Andreas Möller, Leuphana University, Lüneburg

Special session Goals

Life cycle assessment is a topic in environmental informatics since many years. Informatics contributes to life cycle assessment as a research area in different dimensions. It implements life cycle assessment methods (e.g. matrix methods, software tools), it makes the methods applicable in practice (graphical user interfaces, LCI and LCIA databases), it integrates the methods into computer-based environmental management information systems (EMIS).

Life cycle assessments without computer support are unthinkable. Moreover, computer science contributes to the development of life cycle assessment methods: basic approaches, calculation engines, integration of different instruments (for instance life cycle costing, material flow cost accounting, product carbon footprinting, organizational LCA).

Today, life cycle assessment stands more and more for a framework that includes different information instruments. Even if life cycle assessment (in a broader sense as a methodological framework) is still not an underlying principle of standard ERP system components, it is more attractive and appealing than ever before.

The situation appears to be paradoxical, but as in dialectics, it may serve as a source of new scientific insights and approaches.

Session topics

Topic could be:

  • Integration LCI databases in EMIS
  • Integration of LCA methods and evaluation systems in EMIS
  • Integration of SLCA approaches
  • Integration Spatial Data in LCA and EMIS
  • Usability of LCA Tools and EMIS
  • Complexity handling in EMIS

The state of the art in LCA and it’s ICT assistance will be discussed in this special session. Furthermore we will discus, which LCA methods should be use in EIS. Finally thoughts on further developments of existing approaches are highly welcome.


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