Eight keynotes by high-ranking speakers from industry, from the public sector and from academia, confirmed their participation. The conference will be opened by the Luxembourgish Minister for the Environment, Carole Dieschbourg.

Invited Speakers

Frank Hearl is a senior manager at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; providing policy analysis, scientific and engineering support, and coordination related to emerging occupational safety and health issues.

He is a co-author of numerous publications and presentations; mainly focused on the effects of dust on the lung and cumulative risk. His past experience includes quality assurance engineering, field industrial hygiene and epidemiology studies, and research management.

He has degrees in chemical engineering from Purdue University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Márta has broad working experience Europe wide in business and public environment. She dealt with initiation and transaction of trade agreements, taught Business Studies, managed social association and did consultancy work. She gathered her interest on ICT while establishing "New Media" by a traditional German manufacturing company.

In 2005 Márta joined the EC as the Head of Unit of "ICT for the Environment" and developed her Unit further to "ICT for Sustainable Growth" linked to the integrated climate and energy policy. After her move to Luxembourg in 2008 she served as Head of Unit "Technologies for Information Management" with focus on research and development funding of innovative ICT technologies supporting the creation of intelligent digital objects and knowledge management, later on the efficient management of extremely large scale data including Open Data. After this Márta was in charge of the Data Value Chain Unit and implemented a strategy to extract the maximum value from data by building on the intelligent use of data sources across Europe and beyond. It included the fostering of the right policy environment for data driven entrepreneurship including the revision of the Public Sector Information Directive, the development of a pan-European Open Data Infrastructure and research and innovation actions. Furthermore she also contributed to the Digital Single Market strategy of the European Commission by fostering its "Data economy pillar" and by addressing the linguistic challenges of the digital economy and society. Hereby she actively worked on community building to foster the growth of the data economy in Europe. She initiated and implemented the European Data Forum with yearly big events and was deeply involved into the EC Communications such as the "Towards a thriving data-driven economy" and acted  as the driving force of the European Public Private Partnership on "Big Data Value".

Since January 2017 Márta is the Head of the Data and metadata services and standardisation Unit at Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union. Hereby she is working on harmonisation of the statistical data management across sectors and the European Statistical System; she is in charge of the deployment of the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange in Europe and beyond and with her team she contributes to the successful data sharing and dissemination of Eurostat data by delivering excellent service to the different tools and systems. Her portfolio also includes contribution to international data classification, coordination of data purchase for the European Commission services and working in European and international fora.

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