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We invite you to the EnviroInfo 2017 in Luxembourg to discuss the state of the art in research and application of Environmental Informatics, and how the discipline can help to improve our societies.

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The EnviroInfo 2017 is the 31st edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies.

Luxembourg and LIST offer a unique setting for the conference. Due its size and geographical situation, the country is specifically challenged by environmental issues that cross borders, be it the impact of environmental disasters, emissions caused by the transborder mobility due to the international workforce of the country, or interoperability of environmental decision systems in general. LIST, as local organizer, is very much interested in research with a measurable positive impact on the society, which is perfectly in line with the goals and roots of the discipline.

In this context, the conference is open for contributions covering topics at the crossover between informatics and environmental research, such as geographical information systems, environmental modelling and simulation, risk management, material and energy flow management, climate change, environmental data analytics and visualization, application of satellite data and navigation (Copernicus, Galileo etc.), tools and database applications and other aspects with regard to the main topic ICT and the environment.

General Topic

Environmental Informatics – From Science to Society: The Bridge provided by Environmental Informatics

General Focus

Due to the interdisciplinary character of environmental informatics there is a wide range of topics that are traditionally covered by the conference:

  • Cross-border collaboration and issues and environmental informatics
  • Environmental Modelling and Simulation
  • Applications of Geographical Information Systems
  • Environmental Health, Consumer Protection and Quality of Life
  • Risk Assessment and Resilience
  • Software Tools and Environmental Databases
  • Environmental Communication, Open Access to Data
  • Energy Informatics and Environmental Informatics
  • Environmental Informatics Research in Horizon 2020
  • Design, Sustainability and Green Software Engineering

Special Focus

Topics of special interest will be covered within topic centered sessions/tracks within the conference’s schedule. Special Topics of this year’s conference are:

  • Application of satellite data (e.g. Copernicus) and GNSS in environmental informatics
  • Interoperatibility of environmental decision and information systems
  • Novel methods and tools for the visualization and analysis of environmental data (machine learning, visual analytics, etc.)
  • Metropolitan Carbon-Drop Solutions and Smart Cities

Workshops or Special Sessions

Workshops / Special Sessions are still subject to change, please refer to our website for updated information.

Important Dates

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EnviroInfo 2017 conference


Poster Exhibition

There will be a poster exhibition.  Please note that the workshops will not accept posters.

Contact and further information

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Please submit all contributions for all workshops and special sessions, the main conference and your posters via our conference tool.

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